Lobotomy Bock from Indian Wells Brewing Company

This beer was my introduction to the Indian Wells Brewing Company.  We moved to Ridgecrest, CA for my work, and I have to say it was a lot of preparation for a “beer letdown” after living in Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and even Anchorage, AK with their burgeoning craft beer scene.  We had come to terms with basically being “dry of taste” in the desert.  After some stumbling around in a haze, with dust settling on my taste buds, we found a craft beer.  And it was local!!

It was served at a local bar in Ridgecrest, called TommyT’s.  Don’t let that flashy name over-excite you!  To put it in perspective, their big event at the end of last year was to have a rap concert starring none other than Naughty By Nature.  Oh, they are hip and relevant, that is for sure!  However, in their defense, they had some craft on tap.  Two craft beers, in fact, on tap.  The first was Widmer’s Hef (which I will post a review for at some point), and the other was Indian Wells Brewing Company Lobotomy Bock.  To my shock, it was local, to say it was within a one-hour drive (tears streaming from my eyes; in Portland you can spin around 100 times, fall down, and hit a brewery). 

The Lobotomy Bock is a 10.5% Doppelbock.  The beer came in a Weizen glass, which is not the typical service model for a Doppelbock, but at this point I am shocked they have anything more than a mug and a pint glass.  It was also served super-duper ice-cold because all the tap lines are set to sub-zero for serving the piss that is A-B and MC.  Unfortunate, but it provided me a substantial amount of time to observe the appearance of the beer while I let it warm up to proper serving temperature, which for a Doppelbock is cellar temperatures, approximately 40-45 degrees F.  It had a very dark, rich coloring, with a minimal, sparse head.  The head is a light brown, almost beige coloring.  The nose on the beer has a sweet and rich malty aroma, and I also got the slightest hint of licorice in the background.  The flavor on initial tasting was malty and smooth, with a crisp finish.  The beer felt well-balanced in my mouth, with a pleasant aftertaste.  They did a very good job of providing enough hops to balance out the heavy malt flavor.  The alcohol content also helps give the beer a strong flavor, without overpowering the other aspects/characteristics.

After later having the opportunity to visit the Indian Wells brewery and try the other beers they had to offer, I would have to say that the Lobotomy Bock is one of the top beers currently being produced from Indian Wells Brewing Company. Overall, with the limited breweries in this area, I would absolutely drink this beer again.  I know this isn’t a ringing endorsement, and it shouldn’t be.  However, it should not take away from this beer.  Would I seek it out, or make a huge detour from a particular trip to seek it out…absolutely not.  Being stuck in this hell hole for three-plus months, would I drink this again given the limited availability of choices, sure I would.  I mean, you don’t want to die of dry-mouthedness, do you?


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