Mammoth Brewing Company Epic IPA

Alright, my first reviews were “out of the way” for most people, and on top of that, the beers weren’t really worth venturing off the beaten path for.  I’m going to try to get around to some more “available” brews for everyone now.  That being said, here is a beer for any of the skiers and such out there.  Mammoth Brewing Company is located in Mammoth Lakes, CA, near lots of skiing and outdoorsy type activities.  I’m not positive of their distribution reach, but I guarantee that they reach further than my past posts.

I cracked the Mammoth IPA out of a bottle, and right off the bat I have to say this was a very decent IPA. The pour gave the beer a very dense, bubbly head.  It stays around one to one and a half inches of fluffy, chunky head through about half of the beer drinking.  Great retention, and you get a decent lacing on the glass while you drink.  On initial smell, there is a robust amount of hops aroma.  ROBUST!  Fresh and green smells attack your nostrils, and it was very reminiscent of some of the fresh hopped beers my wife and I had at the Fresh Hops Festival last year in Bend, OR. 

First sip, and once again the prevalence of hops, very forward on the tongue.  The beer itself is very smooth and creamy despite the bitter hops flavors.  It has a lingering aftertaste to go along with the heavy flavor, but does not overpower.  That’s a tricky feat to pull off in a beer, and when it fails, it can be detrimental to the drinking experience.  It is a tasty beer, but it would be hard to drink anything afterwards with the amount of hops on your palate.  I am an IPA kind of guy…more bitter the better…but if you are going to be participating in a tasting or a sampler or anything with multiple styles then I suggest finding a very efficient palate cleanser.  I would absolutely drink this beer again, but as I said, I’m a hop head.  If you are new to the land of the IPA (especially west coast IPAs), or if you are still trying to break into your hop cone tolerance, I would push this one further down your list.  Keep it on the list, but season your palate first!

I’d be willing to bet this brew is just as tasty out of a can, and may even have a longer shelf-life due to the wonderful protective characteristics of canning beer.  Along those same lines, I’d really be interested in trying it fresh on-tap…maybe even a cask or fresh-hopped variation.  Lot’s of potential for an already very decent beer!

Let it go down in the books as the first beer I would be willing to endorse/recommend/whatever…if you can find it, enjoy it!


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