In honor of the Supermoon this past weeked, here’s Total Eclipse Black Ale

There was a supermoon this past weekend, so I figured “Let’s find a beer that has some moon reference” because that keeps it light, fun, and interesting (BOOOOOOOO!).  Anyway, here is my honest opinion on Hoppy Brewing Company’s Total Eclipse Black Ale.

I picked up a bomber of this at the local beer/liquor store.  I was actually kind of bummed to find out that this brewery was in Sacramento, where my wife and I were living within an hour of for about 3 months.  Had I known, I would have made a trip up to check out the digs, but alas, I am relegated to drinking from the bottle and forming my opinion from this. 

This beer seemed to be over-carbonated on the pour, resulting in a very foamy, over-exaggerated head.  After giving that plenty of time to settle, you are left with a healthy one and a half inch, milk chocolate-colored, bubbly head.  The beer has a very typical black, opaque appearance, hence the clever name.  Nothing would be more disappointing than buying a Black Ale, or something of the like, and pouring a Blue Moon.  The smell is a bit on the muted side, but very distinctly malty sweet.  The first sip reveals coffee flavors and a hoppy backbone to balance the sweet, dark, malty flavors.  The brew has a moderately bitter aftertaste, both from coffee flavors and the hops.   Very drinkable; likely similar to pounding a couple of pots of coffee (I have to say likely because I’m not a coffee drinker…DON’T JUDGE ME!).  If this would pass as coffee, I would totally rock this in the mornings. 

To judge this in the category, or style, if you will, is difficult because the style is very ambiguous.  There is a pretty heavy ongoing debate about labeling a beer of this type…this one has “Black Ale” in the title, but many beer reviewing sites, such as (which I love!), list it as an American Stout.  There are also titles of “CDA,” “Black IPA,” etc, etc.  Styles aside, it’s a decent beer.  I have had better Black Ales/Stouts/whatever this style is being refered to this week, but it is a solid beer.  At some point, if a return trip to the Bay Area is in the cards, I would like to visit this brewery.  I’ve had a few of their other offerings, and they are doing good things up in the California capital.  Guess that somewhat helps to balance out how useless the State government is in Sac-town.


2 Responses to “In honor of the Supermoon this past weeked, here’s Total Eclipse Black Ale”

  1. So what you’re saying …. as a non-coffee drinker ….. and yes I do judge you…. is that I would love this????

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