Late night/early morning entry….Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

Strap in folks, because this one is a doozy!  This was the first stout my wife and I had from the great state of California that we actually had interest in purchasing more of.  And those sneaky folks at North Coast Brewing put this out in a 4-pack, making me justify buying 3 packs at a time, because technically that would only be two 6-packs.  North Coast Brewing ( opened in 1988, and they make a bevy of unique, interesting brews.  This is a company that I look forward to reviewing again and again as we go.

Poured from a bottle, the stout produces a significant 1/4-1/2″ head; thin but prominent.  Very opaque and dark beer to go along with a deliciously creamy, tan head.  The initial smell yields aromas of oak/nutty undertones, with a kind of roasted coffee and chocolate theme.  There was minimal forward taste, and the beer has a quick, sharp aftertaste.  The transition is so rapid that you actually miss a lot of the dynamic in the taste characteristics until you are almost halfway through the beer, which is why, thankfully,  it comes in fours.  There is a smooth coffee flavor that has a balanced bitterness throughout the beer, but the flavor is short-lived.  You get a highlight of chocolatey notes that is carried across a taste of the booze that this brew packs in tightly.  It truly seems to skip from the initial flavor straight to the aftertaste.  Bitter notes from the dark chocolate and coffee flavors present themselves, just as you think the beer has finished presenting all it had to offer.  This stout is more likely to release all of its flavors upon your palate when served at the proper temperatures (approx 57-61 degrees F).  It does leave a strong, thick residue on the glass, and that creamy, dense body goes well with the strength of this stout.  Overall, a very drinkable beer, despite the strong flavors and increased ABV.  Great for a winter warmer, great for a float, great for any reason you could possibly need to go out and buy this brew…

Want a second opinion?  Well, here is a review of Old Rasputin from a beer reviewer that I enjoy and trust:

So, now that you have this plethora of information, I suggest running out and stocking up on this wonderful elixir…I know I am…

Until next time comrades, cheers!!


6 Responses to “Late night/early morning entry….Old Rasputin Imperial Stout”

  1. Jess #1 Says:

    I will have to see if I can purchase it at Total Wine.

  2. Hi! I am a big fan and a little bit of an amateur expert of ales and stouts. I started with British brands, but lately discovered that some of the US brands are not bad at all.

    Old Rasputin is brewed in Fort Bragg, which is close to Fort Ross. That’s where they took an idea of the Russian style… Any way, as Russian myself, I give this beer a solid “A”. I was able to taste a little bit of pine cones of Siberia… I’ll deferentially buy this beer again.

  3. i’d like to taste that you know if they deliver in greece 😉
    i loved the informations so i linked you to one post i made about beers.

  4. […] here you can find the story behind the Raspoutin stout […]

  5. […] wife’s absolute favorites.  It is also one of the early beers that I reviewed on this blog (…).  Old Rasputin XIV Anniversary is a bourbon barrel aged version of this masterpiece.  We were […]

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