Sierra Nevada Pale Ale…my first review that everyone should be able to get…

I figured it was getting around the time where I should throw a review up on a beer that people can actually get their hands on, seeing as how most of my viewing audience is east coast based at this point.  With that in mind, here is Sierra Nevada’s Draught Style Pale Ale.  When writing this tome, I was enjoying the Pale in a tall, glass mug.  I was at a local watering hole of which, I am told, there are five, but I’ve only laid eyes on two.  This was one of them.  I was actually shocked that they had something other than AB-MC on tap, let alone two different options.  This was the same bar where I scored a giganto mug of Lobotomy Bock for one of my earlier reviews.  Guess I should consider this bar a goldmine at this point.

The beer comes off with a light, copper color that is crystal clear, and sits with minimal head, which is white, light, and foamy.  Hints of malt and hops in the smell, both of which balance very well.  Nicely blended, and not the least bit overpowering.  Initial taste of hoppy barley, and slightly musty on the back-end.  Smooth, but with an overbearing aftertaste.  The beer is extremely easy to drink due to the smoothness of the beer itself, and the decent flavor doesn’t hurt, either.  Quantity aside, it stands as a middle-of-the-road pale on its own.  I’ve had many a Pale that were weaker and/or less interesting/tasty/whatever.  On the other hand, it is a beer that would make a great transition for most AB-MC hardcore drinkers.  I guess the easiest way to swing people over from the dark side is to grease that path as much as possible, so this would be a good grease to use!  Another great selling point is the combination of availability and affordability…this beer may have all the tools necessary to save that poor, helpless, lost beer drinker who is craving real taste and doesn’t even realize it.  Do the right thing…buy them a SN Pale!


2 Responses to “Sierra Nevada Pale Ale…my first review that everyone should be able to get…”

  1. You’re slightly musty on the back-end.

  2. Maybe I should bottle that??

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