Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot

First off, all apologies on the time off.  Been on a bit of a hiatus…we recently moved from California to Florida, and as you can imagine, that took a little bit of time.  Completely absorbed with driving, I was not updating this blog during the trip.  So, since the move was made to Florida, here is a review of a beer from…California.  I mean, really, why break the trend now?

Lagunitas hails from Petaluma, CA, and while it thrives in a laid-back type atmosphere, they are brewing some extremely interesting and heavy hitting brews.  More often than not, I would recommend picking up their beers when you can find them…rarely will they disappoint, in my opinion.  Curious about the brewery?  Their website ( includes a ton of info, as well as a virtual tour of the facilities.

I picked up a bomber of the “Wilco Tango Foxtrot” because who doesn’t love a funny acronym spelled out in the NATO phonetic alphabet?  The beer pours very smoothly, with a dark-copper coloring, and an extremely dense, yet light, head.  The head came to about 1/2″ in a beer mug.  There is an aroma of oak and malt that is light, and the lightness actually keeps the aromas very pleasant and far from overpowering.  The initial tastes are malt and caramel, with a sour/bitter undertone, which does a decent job of balancing everything out.  The bitterness is residual through the aftertaste, and also balances well with the rest of the beer.  The beer is very smooth and light in mouth despite the stronger flavors, and it leaves a light film/residue along the glass while you are drinking it.  Always a good sign in terms of body.  For a strong ale, it is extremely easy to drink, and I would absolutely purchase this beer again.  What’s not to love about a beer pushing 8% ABV that goes down like a session ale?  Actually, I’d be very intrigued to taste it on draught…


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