Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Back to Chico, CA I take you, my fellow craft beer drinkers.  And as a forewarning, this particular brew is a hophead’s delight.  Those weary of the resinous mystery that is Hops be warned, but don’t be scared!  Hops can be a turbulent, strong, overbearing bedfellow, but as your palate develops and you learn to embrace the unique and sometimes quirky flavors, the green conical temptress will open up to you in all its glorious wonder!

I picked up a 6-pack of this brew, and into a pint glass it went.  Again, Sierra Nevada has a pretty spread out distribution spray, so keep an eye out.  The beer has a nice copper-red coloring with a decent, light, foamy head.  The beer is crystal clear, and you can lose yourself (cue Eminem music) in the deep colors.  The aroma is hoppy (duh), with a hop-forward taste on the tongue to match.  This one will get you right away, and you are going to go one way or another; if you love hops, strap that seatbelt and enjoy the ride.  Also, an undertone of light spice and bitterness are present, and they work to balance out the beer very well.  The beer is smooth on the tongue and in the mouth, with a sharpness to the aftertaste from the bitter and peppery characteristics.  It is very easy to drink, and even easier to drink in quantity, and while an ABV of 7.2% is far from outrageous, especially for an IPA, it will add up quick.  Have a comfy landing plan when you bust into a batch.  A very tasty beer overall, and at a decent price.  I have no doubt this will frequent our fridge in the future, and that thought excites me!


2 Responses to “Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA”

  1. My photo looks great there!

  2. You took an amazing photo! One of the better beer pics I have seen!

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