Flying Horse Royal Lager

Time to go international…come with me, my friends, on a journey to the great land of India.  I must forewarn you, I wish this trip was for a better offering.  India does produce some wonderfully tasty beers, but this is not really one of them.  It was a bit of a letdown overall, but it does have some positive notes.  I present to you, the beer drinking community, the Flying Horse Royal Lager.

I picked up a bomber from the local bottle shop, and poured this bad boy into a tumbler pint glass.  The beer presents with a decent one and a half-inch head on top of a pale, clear, gold-ish colored beer.  There is a dank, light barley smell on the pour, and a lot of effervescence.  Flavors are typical for the lager style.  There is a malt undertone to the crisp flavor that is present in this brew, and some sour undertones to the effervescent nature of this beer.  It is extremely light and very smooth on the tongue and in your mouth, and there is little to no aftertaste.  Due to these characteristics, this would be a great beer to accompany extremely spicy foods…and it just so happens you can find some AMAZING spicy dishes from the Indian culture.  My personal favorite is anything with curry, so you can tell I make out just fine with this cuisine style.  On its own, again due to the light nature of the brew in both flavor and ABV, it would be easy to consume multiple bottles of this beer, but I can think of many better ways to spend an afternoon…


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