Lagunitas IPA for International #IPADay

Here’s to a holiday that wasn’t invented by Hallmark or religious guilt…IT’S INTERNATIONAL IPA DAY!  Who am I to buck a celebration?  Therefore, here are my thoughts on the IPA offering from Lagunitas.  This is a brewery that has been on my list of reviews before, and believe you me, it will be surfacing many more times in the future.  So, hang up the hops, fill up the steins, and leave a plate of cookies for Pliny, it’s time to get festive!

I’m a big fan of beers from this Petaluma brewery (as you all shall see, in time).  I snagged a six-pack of this while my wife and I were living in San Francisco.  At the time, I still didn’t know much about the brewery, but the sixer was one of the only non-BMC offerings at the grocery store down the road from our apartment.  Poured from a bottle, the beer settled out with little to no head.  A very nice, dark gold/copperish color, slightly hazed, but extremely vibrant.  There were strong smells of hops on the nose, as there should be in an IPA.  If you miss that, chances are you are missing the boat on the style.  The initial hop forward flavor is light, but directly followed by a stronger blast of hops character, and balanced by a light sour tone in the middle to back of the tongue that was citrus in nature (maybe a grapefruit/orange blend).  The beer is heavy, but smooth in the mouth.  A great balance of body and flavors.  With an extremely crisp finish, this beer is very drinkable.  It would also go well with lots of different kinds of foods.  It’s a decent stand-by/staple for those who like IPAs.

With that review in the books, I now raise my glass to hopheads around the globe!  Cheers to all, and to all a hopped night!


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