Staying abroad…Spaten Optimator…

As with my post last week, this beer was purchased for a “German Night” that my wife and I held one evening.  A Doppelbock from Munich, this beer had promise written all over…albeit, it was written in a language that I can’t read, but it had to be tasty.  Fortunately, they have a US website (, so you know exactly what you are drinking.

Without even thinking about it, I posted a definition of the beer style last week.  As my goal in life is to convert as many Bud/Coors/Miller drinkers as I can, I found that it might be helpful to turn people on to beer styles other than Mule Piss. 

Doppelbock is defined by BeerAdvocate ( as: Bocks–you know, those beers with goats on the label–are relatively strong German lagers.  Doppelbocks–as the name might suggest–are typically even stronger, and contain enough malty goodness that they’ve been considered a meal in a glass for centuries.  Generally, they have a very full-bodied flavor and are darker than their little Bock brothers and sisters, and a higher level of alcohol, too.  They range in color from dark amber to nearly black, and dark versions often have slight chocolate or roasted characters.

We were drinking with brats and kraut, because what else would I pair it with?  Poured into a mug, because I didn’t have a tulip at the time and I didn’t want to make multiple trips to refill, this is a lovely, dark brown/caramel coloring with a large, foamy, light head that stood tall and proud.  The smells are rich in malt sweetness, and they draw you in quickly, like a stranger in a jumbo conversion van with lots of candy.  The increased carbonation helps to balance the heavy molasses flavoring.  It’s sweet and bitter in your mouth at the same time, like a Hershey kiss divorcee, yet it’s surprisingly smooth.  Very easy to drink, especially with this type of meal, and at 7.6% ABV, it’s very easy to end up wearing lederhosen at the end of the night. 

I was going to add another clip of David Hasselhoff, but I didn’t want to do any overkill on the Norm McDonald “German’s love David Hasselhoff” routine.  Plus, I didn’t want any of my blogs to become redundant, or repeat themselves (think about that one).  Regardless, once I spotted this, I couldn’t resist.  I don’t care if this was a post about a beer from Nicaragua, this video is funny as hell.  Even after writing about a higher alcohol brew AND referencing child molesters and their vehicles (sorry KIT), the laughs outwieghed the creepy chills.


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