Erdinger Weissbier…a Hef #beer for the warm weekend ahead…

Back to Germany for another brew.  Erdinger makes a solid line-up of beers, and we all know that beer in Germany is a big deal.  This time around I snagged their Weissbier, a Hefeweizen rolling in at 5.6% ABV.

There’s a cute couple, eh?  Picked up a bottle, once again for our “German Night” dinner from which we have discussed previously.  I poured this brew in a weisse-vase glass.  The beer pours smoothly, with a thick, foamy white head.  The beer is a dark golden color, which provides a lovely contrast with the bright white head.  Aromas of wheat and citrus that are well blended, but not much for spice on the nose.  Light citrus taste, again with little to no spice presence that so many Hefs are known for.  There is a grainy/cereal feel and background flavor, as well.  The beer is round and full in mouth, with a smooth, sweet finish.  Little to no aftertaste, which was somewhat expected after the lack of any spice highlights throughout.  The beer is an easy one to drink, but there are better Hefs out there, in my humble opinion.

Normally this is the space in which I would post something I find hilarious in reference to Germany, but nobody wants to go to the Hasselhoff well too many times.  Besides, there are far more German beers to be tasted and talked about in the future….


One Response to “Erdinger Weissbier…a Hef #beer for the warm weekend ahead…”

  1. This one sure seems promising. I never had one though. This makes me want to try them. It’s a great time since I’m coming to Germany this December for a business meeting. Uhm, Is this available anywhere in Germany?

    By the way my favorite German beers are Guiness Foreign Stout, Porter house chocolate, and Dwan’s black pearl. If you have time check them out they’re really good

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