Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale…a #beer more widely distributed…

Stepping away from the seasonal approach, and coming back stateside for a bit, I thought it would be nice to delve into another beer that is widely available to my readers (US readers, of course…those of you abroad, bear with me). 

Firestone Walker Brewing Company ( is located in Paso Robles, CA, and what better way to enhance a beautiful part of California than with some very decent beers.  They began brewing in 1996, which coincidentally was roughly when I began enjoying some really crappy beer as a youngster in northern Maine.  Thankfully, by the time I ran into and of the FW products, my tastes had changed enough to enjoy their craft.  For more of a history, visit their site.  Even better, visit the brewery.  For my purposes, history class is over, and it’s time to cross the hall and have a seat for Sample 101.  Today’s topic is the Double Barrel Ale.

The Double Barrel Ale is classified as an English Pale Ale, so if you read the post last week ( from the Wychwood Brewery, there is a slight segway.  I picked up a six-pack, and poured into a pint glass.  The beer pours with a decent head, light and foamy, with a nice off-white coloring.  The beer itself is a red-copper color, almost brown in the deepest points.  Very vibrant, with trace signs of carbonation.  Smells of vanilla and earth/nut, and the beer tastes of vanilla as well, with an undertone of hops.  Very decent balance to all of the flavors, and all the characteristics blend well with the feel of the beer.  The beer is round and bold in mouth, which is a nice change for a pale.  They did a good job balancing the carbonation with the flavors, also.  The beer is well put together when comparing with other offerings of the style.  The finish is crisp and clean, and the beer is pretty enjoyable overall, and very drinkable, as well.  The Firestone Walker DBA is a beer that I would absolutely consider for a “go-to” to keep in the fridge, not only for the household, but also for parties and other gatherings.  Besides the flavor and overall enjoyable feel of the beer, it would make a very decent transition when trying to win over the ever difficult/stubborn/uneducated fizzy, yellow, skunk-piss drinkers.  Bravo, Firestone Walker…we’ll be seeing much more of you in these pages in the future.  Drink educated, my friends!


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