California…my (current) top five #beer to buy…

This was pretty hard to whittle down to a list of five…the damn state is so big that I could easily do a top twenty.  I might embellish on that at some point, but for now it’s top five, so here you go.  If you find yourself in the Golden State, pack some of these brews into your “go bag.”

1. Brass Knuckle- Marin Brewing Company (Double IPA)

2. Pliny the Elder- Russian River Brewing (Double IPA)

3. Racer 5 IPA- Bear Republic Brewing (American IPA)

4. Stone Ruination IPA- Stone Brewing Co (Double IPA)

5. Celebration Ale- Sierra Nevada Brewing (American IPA)

Okay, so the California top five is a little on the hop-heavy side.  When you do something well, keep doing it.  As I said before, I could easily fill out a bunch more from Cali, and other styles would be represented.  It was a very close race, and it will very likely be evolving in the future.  As always, let the debates begin!  Drink educated, my friends!


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