#beer to avoid…

Not good…and I rarely start off a review by stating that outright, but this was a beast to drink.  Not in a good, challenging way, either.  Best part of that?  It was a beer offered while staying at a friend’s house, so my manners and better conscience led me to polish it off and keep my thoughts to myself.  Statute of limitations is now far over on keeping my thoughts internal on this bottle of swill. Poured from a bottle into a pint glass, the beer had a decent appearance.  The beer has an almost barn-reddish brown color, with a decent two-inch, off-white head.  It got a little shaky from here.  The smell has a blending of hazelnut, malt, and hops.  When you first drink this brew, you get a mouthful of confusion, clumsily barreling around your taste buds.  The hazelnut and hops are present, but the sweetness is thrown off by the over-carbonated feel, as well as the lightness of the body.  The beer doesn’t have the substance to balance or compliment the flavors it is trying to pull off.  It ends up having a sharp and unpleasant finish, and was not overly enjoyable to choke down.  I’m going to give myself a bit of time before trying Leinenkugel’s other offerings, to attempt an unbiased sample.  The fact that they are owned by Miller makes that tough, the whole unbiased part, but we’ll give it a try.  Until that time comes around we’ll visit other beers I would actually buy again, and as always, drink educated, my friends!


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