#Beer to celebrate Jesus’ win for the Broncos…Lost Abbey Devotion Ale

I have a ton of friends who are Steelers fans, so I watched the game tonight, and was absolutely tickled to see them fall to the Broncos.  The Denver Broncos, who backed into the playoffs riding a three game losing streak.  The same Broncos who have a fullback throwing passes for them.  Amazingly, this mechanically terrible quarterback got it done, and for people who defend religion to others, this might be the first case of actual, visible proof of existence.  I mean, there is no way that someone who is that bad at a position should be so successful.  I mean, is someone pulling strings in there for him, or what?

The Lost Abbey (http://www.lostabbey.com/) is located in San Marcos, CA, just a stones throw from San Diego.  Their motto is “For Sinners and Saints Alike,” and they bring out a wide range of unique, strong, and sometimes heavy brews.  Most of their brews are named within a religious theme, however they do have “nondenominational ales” that are released throughout the year as well.  For our purposes this evening, we will be looking at Devotion Ale, a Belgian Pale Ale that is available year-round.

When my wife and I were visiting the San Diego area, the Port/Lost Abbey Brewery was our first stop on the way into the city.  Turned out to be a good stop, too, as we spent a good amount of the day there, trying all the beers they had available at the time.  Poured on-tap and served in a tulip, the beer presents a musty, golden-amber color with a thin, white, frothy head.  No strong or upfront smells to the beer, but some hints of malty notes and an interesting spice blend.  The beer has malty and fresh hop flavors, with some interesting spice characteristics coming from the yeast.  Sour undertones throughout, and the entire beer is cleaned up by the hops bitterness.  The brew has a finish more similar to a lager, both quick and clean, and without much to speak of.  Oddly enough, the beer has a mouthfeel similar to a blonde; round and full in mouth, with an almost silk or cream consistency.  The lager-esque finish is very crisp, and while passable for a pale, it is very different following the robust mouthfeel throughout the brew.  The flavors are much easier for the casual beer drinker to handle compared to some of the other offerings from Lost Abbey, and the beer is a strong offering in the Belgian Pale style.  Good beer to drink, especially if you are going to watch the Denver Yahwehs continue to squeak through the playoffs.

The next game comes against the Patriots, of which I have a group of friends that are fans as well.  If the unthinkable should happen and the Pats should fall, I will have to dig up another religious themed brew to discuss next week.  Until then, drink educated my friends!


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