Superbowl bound…here is some #beer from the champion bound teams…

Alright, so I was pulling for the Niners, and they shit the bed.  That being said, life goes on.  So, it is now time to pit the remaining cities/regions head to head once again.  This time, IPAs will take the stage.  I am leaning towards IPAs because these two teams have quite an entertaining history, and IPAs lend the increased ABV to make that history even more entertaining.  Also, since I don’t have a dog in the race anymore, I just want to get blitzed and watch commercials.  So, here come the beers…

If you know sports, you know how the last Superbowl went between these two teams.  This pretty much sums it up.  The Pats were undefeated for the past 87 games, yet they blew chunks come big game time.  Due to that, the Giants raised the Lombardi trophy and basked in glory for the forthcoming year.

Who knows how this coming Superbowl will end, and in all honesty, this guy doesn’t care.  However, I like beer, and I will never pass up an opportunity to partake in some frothy bubbled goodness.  So, in true sports fan fashion, I will give up my loyalty to my teams temporarily to imbibe during a sporting event between two other teams.  What beers shall represent the Superbowl in my house, you may ask?  No, you didn’t ask?  Well, guess what, I don’t care, I’m writing it anyway.  For this year’s game, we are going to visit Harpoon and Sixpoint for a little head-to-head IPA showdown.  First up, based on the first game played for the AFC Championship, here is Harpoon’s IPA.

When I reviewed this beer, it was poured on-tap at a TGIFridays and served in a weisse-vase.  The beer is a bright copper-gold coloring, with a chestnut color in the depths.  Very thin film of white head atop the brew.  Light and green nose, with spicy notes throughout, and an overall blend of grapefruit and oregano.  The flavor is caramel malt forward, with a roasted character, followed by grapefruit sweet and tart, and then ending with a flush of fresh, green, wet hops at the end, and peppery/all-spice highlights throughout.  Grapefruit sweet and tart aftertaste, with hops spice and bitters.  The finish is quick, clean, and dry.  Tasty!  Also, the low ABV allows for mass consumption, which is always a part of any Superbowl celebration.

Now, for a representation from the Empire State, we turn to Sixpoint.  Sixpoint Bengali Tiger, an American IPA, was poured from a 16oz can into a pint glass when I tasted it.  The beer is a bright orange-copper coloring, hazy and opaque, with a two-inch frothy, foamy, bright white head that sits lightly atop the brew.  Holy crap does this smell good!  Aromas of a sweet citrus blend, with discernible orange and grapefruit characteristics, as well as a heavy dose of green, leafy, resinous hops.  Almost a hint of marijuana in there, too.  Smells amazing!  Flavors hit you with a more foresty/cedar hopping, with a sharp bitterness at the end, balanced (somewhat) with the citrus tartness and a caramel malt sweetness.  The balance is more hopcentric, but that bodes well in my house.  The finish is mostly hoppy, with slight hints of the citrus tart and sweet.  The finish is a little clingy, with some citrus highlights and hops spicing.  The finish is unique, because it is clingy, but also crisp.  Very tasty beer!

So, with the beer under wraps, it comes time for the obligatory football prediction.  I was 50% for last week’s picks, although with only one game to play, I no longer have that leeway this week.  I am going to take the Pats in the Superbowl.  It pains me to say that, but I don’t see the Giants beating the Pats twice in one season.  Although, in the long run, I truly couldn’t give two shits either way.  Here’s hoping for some funny commercials!  I hope that between last week’s post and this week, you now have some options for some tasty brews for the Superbowl, no matter what team you may be cheering for.  As always, no matter the occasion, drink educated, my friends!


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