My (current) Top 5 #beer choices from the Empire State…

I spent some time in the great state of New York while I was convincing my (now) wife that I was a catch, and unfortunately for me I didn’t get onto the craft beer kick until my time there was almost done.  That being said, I lived right across the bridge from Brown’s in Troy, so it should not be a shock that they topped the list.  However, as I have always said with this category, these lists are always in flux.  So, without further ado, here is my representation of the top brews in New York.

1. Brown’s Whiskey Porter, Troy, NY (English Porter)

2. Sixpoint Bengali Tiger, Brooklyn, NY (American IPA)

3. Southern Tier Pumking, Lakewood, NY (Pumpkin Ale)

4. Blue Point IPA, Patchogue, NY (American IPA)

5. Saranac India Pale Ale, Utica, NY (American IPA)

As I said before, I welcome discussions and suggestions for other beers to try, and possibly shake up the list a tad bit.  The state of New York has a very decent beer scene going, and it continues to get better and better.  As time goes and I get around to trying some more, I will update the Empire State Top 5.  If you are anywhere that you can get your hands on these beers, or beers from these breweries, I recommend it.  As always, drink educated my friends.


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