President’s #beer…

I actually put off posting for a day on purpose.  I was reading somewhere that George Washington’s beer of choice was the Porter, which absolutely makes sense given the Porter’s origins across the pond, from whence Washington came.  So, it only makes sense to talk about a Porter on President’s Day.  So, GW, whip out your wooden teeth and pony up to the bar…today we are pouring the Certified Organic Porter from the Eel River Brewing Company.

The Eel River Brewing Company can be found in Fortuna, CA, and they are the first ever fully certified organic brewery in the United States.  Using 100% renewable energy, they are churning out tasty brews with the most minimal of carbon footprints.  Their tagline of “Be Natural Drink Naked” pretty much says it all, and more information about Eel River can be found at their website (  This was the brewery that introduced me to organic beers, and who better than the first organic brewery to have a beer representing the first president?  No one is better…that’s the answer that you are looking for…no one…so here we go.

Poured from a bottle into a pint glass, the beer pours black, with nut-brown highlights around the edges when held up to the light.  There is a very thin, filmy head atop the brew.  Very rich smells of butter and toffee, with slight hints of chocolate that make it smell like a Butterfinger.  This is one excited fat kid!  The initial taste is of malted mocha.  The beer also has crisp syrup flavors under the overtones of nut and coffee.  The beer is very sharp and carbonated in mouth, but that does a decent job balancing the heavy flavors and body.  Although balanced, it still rides a bit too light for a porter for me.  Nutty sweet aftertaste, with a bit of caramel, too, with a creamy finish.  A little rich in flavor to drink a lot of, but the body and carbonation lends itself to being sessionable when combined with the reasonable ABV.  Extremely solid, tasty beer, and you don’t feel guilty drinking it.  Hippies rejoice!

Since being introduced to the world of organic brews, I have been fortunate enough to continue stumbling across different offerings from new (to me) organic breweries, but as any jaded late-20s single person will tell you, “You always remember your first”, and with beer, remembering your first doesn’t make you extremely angry or want to read Sylvia Plath and slit your wrists in a bathtub.  I thoroughly enjoy this new niche in the craft beer market that continues to grow, and more importantly, continues to make strong and tasty contributions to the beer world.  If you have the opportunity, find a brewery that is certified and give their brews a fair shake.  Make a point of comparing the beers they offer to similar styles that you like, and notice some of the subtle and not so subtle differences between the two.  This will help to expand that wonderful, blossoming palate of yours!  As always, drink educated my friends!


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