Oskar night…a #beer review for the red carpet…

So my wife commandeered the television this evening, and the Oscars are flickering in front of my eyes.  I decided it was appropriate to have a movie-themed beer review to post, and she actually recommended doing a beer from Oskar Blues, which sounded like a great idea!  The following blog may seem a bit despondent and choppy, but I am writing it while also keeping an eye on the Twitter trend #TweetRoast, which is absolutely hilarious.  It actually makes the show somewhat watchable.  The other thing taking away the sting this evening…a tasty, rich, bold beer.  Let’s move on to that…

The Oskar Blues Grill and Brewery can be found in Lyons, CO.  They can all the beers that they distribute, and as of this writing, those beers are delicious.  Also as of this writing, their website is down for some reason or another, so I can’t spiel much more about them, but I can point you in that direction (http://www.oskarblues.com/) so you can check it out on your own when things are working again.  Due to this, we shall let the beer speak for itself.

Poured from a can into a pint glass, the beer pours a vibrant amber-copper coloring, with a slight haze to it.  Very bright, with a foamy, frothy head to start that settles quickly into a quarter of an inch, white, dense looking foam covering.  The nose is malty and spicy, with a great blend of mild roasted caramel and oregano spiced hops, with the slightest hint of fruit sweetness.  The beer has light initial flavors, but that is remedied very quickly.  The blast of flavor starts with hops bittered caramel sweetness, rich and bold throughout the palate.  The fruit sweetness from the nose reveals itself as pineapple in the taste spectrum, and there is also some toasty and boozey character, as well.  The beer is slick and smooth in mouth like an Atlantic City blackjack dealer, with little to no carbonation allowing the body to stay heavy and consistent throughout.  The aftertaste is an overly tangy sweet and sour blend, with the fruit and the slight hops still present and balancing.  The finish lingers a bit, and dries your mouth out very slightly.  Tasty brew; refrains from overpowering, yet delivers bold flavors and profiles throughout.

This is a beer for the heavy flavor lovers out there in the world.  This is not a beer to jump into lightly.  Strong bold flavors and an increased ABV will test your palate and pressure your liver.  The flavor profile is strong and steady, and it deserves respect.  This is a very tasty beer, and you better have your drinking boots strapped on tight for it!  Enjoy, and as always, drink educated my friends!


One Response to “Oskar night…a #beer review for the red carpet…”

  1. You know watching a hilarious twitter feed is a good idea, and probably would have made me less bored during the Oscars. I think I’ve seen the Dale’s Pale Ale around here in Chicago, but I could be wrong and I didn’t really see their distribution on their site. My drinking boots are always strapped on tight just in case.

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