St Patrick’s Day weekend…of course this #beer will be with the theme…

One of my favorite times of year has always been St. Patrick’s Day.  Being a whopping 25% Irish, I find it almost required to fully engage in the festivities each year.  In fact, I was inclined to actually pop the question and get engaged on St. Patty’s day a few years back.  So, whilst keeping in the spirit, I didn’t want to paste up a review of Guinness, as much as I enjoy the beer.  In fact, this year my wife and I decided to avoid our normal fridge full of Guinness, Smithwick’s, and Murphy’s and opt for some alternative options.  We did have a small cache of Guinness available for the obligatory Irish Car Bombs, but everything else was a new adventure this year.  One of these brews was from Rogue Ales.  After living in Oregon, we will always have a soft spot for Rogue, so it seemed natural to combine all these things this weekend.  We snagged a couple of bombers of Kells Irish Style Lager from Rogue, and being a lighter style of beer, it actually kicked off the festivities (between Car Bombs, that is).

Poured from a bomber into a tumbler pint, the beer is a pale, yellow-gold coloring.  There is a steady, slow stream of carbonation bubbling and a low profile, frothy, white head that quickly settles into a sparse, uneven, filmy coating. The aromas are of toasted grains and a slightly sour, floral highlight. Flavors are light, but sharp, with the toasty grains/cereal giving a good, solid backbone that support the sour tang and bitter hops at the end of the palate. The carbonation ends up giving a sharp, almost astringent feel along with the flavor profiles. The aftertaste is bitter and slightly sour, leading to a resiny, slick, and lingering finish.  This is a light beer, as per the style of European Pale Lagers, and for those of you who are inclined to dump green food coloring, it will absolutely take to this brew.  I wouldn’t suggest it, but to each their own.  Regardless, this is a much better option than most bars offer in regards to Lagers, but I rarely see it available in the bars.  Finding it at your local beer store, I would recommend picking some up for your pre-game festivities at home.  As we all know, beer and food is always cheaper at home!  Besides, you want to maximize your time at home before you go out and run the risk of crossing paths with one of those nasty leprechauns!

As I said, we had a fridge full of different Irish style offerings this St. Patty’s Day, but those reviews are for another day.  The biggest thing I can send you off with is this:  what we already know and love is good and comfortable, but don’t let it blind you to new experiences.  Get out there and try something different, no matter what the occasion.  And of course, as always, drink educated my friends!


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