#Beer in memoriam…

People realize that they have made that transition into older, more responsible adults in different ways.  For some it happens with a new job/career, for others it is when they start a family.  Both of these were transitional milestones for me, but another came about this weekend.  My wife and I have recently added a child to our family mix, and I was finding it increasingly difficulty to justify the Mustang in the garage.  Now, before anyone thinks this was some huge sacrifice, it was a 2006, not some classic, rare automobile.  However, it was the first vehicle that I had bought for myself, and I have over the course of our time together crisscrossed the country more than once in the car.  You develop a bond with a car after time like that.  6 years, 90,000 miles and it was time to part ways.  The baby seat just wasn’t going to be practical in the back of that thing.  I had been prepping myself for the last year and a half for this, but it still seemed a bit sudden.  We went out this weekend to look at vehicles, and ended up finding a limited time deal that was too good to pass up.  And because of this, my car is gone.  So, in honor of my departed friend, I submit my review of Sebago Brewing Company’s Full Throttle Double IPA.  Full throttle is how I often drove, and surprisingly never got ticketed (with this car) despite the many memorable trips across this great nation of ours.  Alright, enough of this sappy crap, let’s get to the brew.

Sebago Brewing Company (http://www.sebagobrewing.com/) hails from the great state of Maine, and aside from the actual brewing premises there are multiple brewpub locations where you can enjoy some tasty fare and fresh beer throughout the southern part of the state.   Oddly enough, I was turned on to Full Throttle by a recommendation from one of the brewers of the Maine Beer Company.  One of the many things I love about the craft beer world is the sense of community there is amongst the different brewing companies.  Although the bottom line is competition, it seems to remain a friendly one, and there is great mingling and interacting throughout the craft beer world.

Poured from a bottle and served in a tumbler pint, the beer is a hazey, honey-copper coloring with a thick, frothy, off-white head that sits a solid inch and a half and slowly settles while you drink. Aromas are a citrus blend of grapefruit, tangerine, and orange, with a kiss of pineapple. All the fruity smells rest upon a resiny, peppery hops presence and a mildly sweet malt backbone. Flavors are rich and tart, with a solid presence from the citrus blend, along with a tantalizingly bitter hops foundation that rides the entire taste bud coverage straight to the back of the throat. Green, cedar profiles cover the mouth like moss, with a sharp spiciness and some slick, caramel malt tones hidden throughout. The aftertaste is sweet and resiny, with a dynamic mouthfeel that is both smooth and bitterly dry at the same time. Woody and citrus tart flavors lead into a slick, oily, and dry finish. Solid brew.

Of course, I will add the obligatory PSA to say that although I am combining my love of beer with my love of automobiles in this week’s post, the two should always been enjoyed separately.  Don’t be a douche and go out driving a sweet car hammered off your ass…I could care less what happens to someone who does that, it’s more what happens to the car that concerns me.  And other people, of course…that would be bad, too.  Well, enough digression from the subject at hand.  Available in 4-packs, this beer is an ass kicker.  Full bodied and full flavored, this one is a slow goer, and it takes that increased time to really peel back all the layers of flavors and different mouthfeels this beer brings to the table.  If you can find it, I recommend it.  So until next week, happy hunting in your local stores and beer vendors/establishments, and as always, drink educated my friends!


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