Warm weather on its way, so here’s a “hot” #beer…

“I feel summer creeping in…” so it’s time for an easy drinking, smooth tasting, heavy swinging brew to set the mood and relax the spirit.  Warm weather does not always mean a shift to light beers, especially when there is a beer like this one kicking around out there.  This beer is from the Lost Abbey brewery (http://www.lostabbey.com/)  in San Marcos, CA, purveyors of a more unique line-up of beer styles.  Their list of beers include many of the Belgian styles, Strong ales, Saisons, Sours, Stouts, and all kinds of other interesting options.  Bottles are found with an elegant cork and cage seal, which helps keep in the often bottle conditioned brew.  Bottle conditioned refers to beers with a bit of sediment in the bottom left behind by the active fermentation process taking place while the beer is in the bottle you carry it home in.  Fresh is fresh, and fresh is good.  So, with all these wonderful tidbits of information directly planted into your noggin, let’s get on to the beer of the evening, Lost Abbey’s Inferno Ale, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale.

On a side note, any time I hear the word ‘inferno’ now, I can’t help but picture the scene from ‘Kingpin’ when Woody Harrelson’s character walks into the bowling alley and ‘Disco Inferno’ is playing in the background…what a funny goddamn movie that is.  Sorry, back on the highway…

Picture taken from www.thekitchn.com

I poured this bottle into a tumbler pint glass. The beer pours a cloudy golden-orange coloring with almost brown tones in the deepest parts. There is a large, foamy, light head, approx 2″ in height resting lightly atop the brew. The beer has citrus notes on the initial smell, with a hint of some spices to balance. The flavors are of very light citrus, with a blended spice tasting of coriander and nutmeg. Very smooth in mouth, and a crisp, light finish. The alcohol helps balance the sweet and spice flavors, and the spice follows through to the aftertaste. Almost peppery notes on the aftertaste, also. Very tasty, and very easy to drink. Kind of wishing I had grabbed a few more bottles of it while we were at the brewery. So, to any readers looking to get on someone’s “really good side”, I will give you my mailing address if you happen to swing by the brewery.

I’m truly not certain of the distribution reaches of Inferno Ale, but if Lost Abbey products are carried in your local beer store, this would be one worth asking about.  If you live in a state devoid of Lost Abbey at this time, such as New Hampshire, where your humble author is stuck…living currently, I mean…than it might take more creative means to procure said brew.  Or, not so creative, such as hopping in the car and driving 10 miles south into Massachusetts.  Regardless, don’t always let a little thing like distribution territories stand between your taste buds and some truly righteous beer!  Happy hunting, and as always, drink educated my friends!


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