#Beer for the Olympics, just in time for the closing ceremonies…

In the tradition of the games that we are currently so enthralled with, I have brought about a trio of reviews worthy of the summer events.  Of course there are three, or else this would be a miserable parallel, now wouldn’t it?  So, in the same order that medals are awarded, I present to you the Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal brews worthy of London’s Summer Games.  Also, I should reveal to you, my faithful readers, that I actually drank these beers quite some time ago, but am only bringing them to you now, as to continue the example set forth by NBC’s abysmal television coverage of the actual events thus far.

All three brews are from London, and more specifically from Fuller Smith & Turner PLC (http://www.fullers.co.uk/).


Fuller’s London Pride

With a name like this, you almost have to assume Gold, but if names won medals then that Feck guy would have rocked the gold in diving instead of scoring the “worst dive in Olympic history.”  Seriously, what would have been better than a Feck-ing Gold medal…instead we saw a Feck-ing disaster.  I’m not kidding…look it up.  No seriously, I’ll wait.  …  …  Painful, right?  Okay, back to the wet stuff that doesn’t cause concussions.  Poured from a bottle into a pint glass, the beer has a crystal clear, amber coloring, with a short stack of thick, beige foam that quickly disperses into an uneven film of bubbles. The beer has a roasty/toasty malt nose.  Flavors are malt heavy, with hints of toffee and caramel, but balanced by a very slight bitterness that I get only on the sides of my tongue. I get a little taste of candy/taffy every once in a while, also. The bitterness steps up in the finish and aftertaste, which makes it easy to take another sweet sip to follow-up. The beer is crisp, light, and smooth in mouth, and the finish is subtle, but hangs out long enough to remind you that the beer is hopped a bit. Very tasty beverage, and my first from Fuller’s, so I am looking forward to trying some of their other offerings.  Look forward to it so much, in fact, that I continued drinking their offerings immediately.


Fuller’s London Porter

Poured from a bottle into a pint glass, the beer is a dark, nutty brown color with a healthy, inch thick, mocha colored head. There is a nose of coffee, a little choco-toffee, and a little earthy-nutty sweetness. The beer has a very smooth body, with coffee flavors right off the bat, bringing a decent amount of bitter to the beer. Other flavors are sweet to balance, including a slightly dark molasses taste. The beer is surprisingly light and smooth in mouth, and it leaves a great lacing on the glass as you drink it. Very light coffee aftertaste, with chocolate highlights, that diminishes very quickly. Great finish, nice and smooth, and this is a very tasty beer to drink that remains light and easy to consume.  Good start and a strong finish will land you on the podium in the Silver spot.


Fuller’s ESB

So here it is, the Gold medal.  Fire up the UK national anthem, and let’s drink some beer!  Poured from a bottle into a pint glass, the beer is a slightly hazed, orange-amber coloring with an airy, white, loose, one half-inch head. The aromas from the beer noted while pouring were caramel, toffee, a slight sour tone, and some hops. The caramel malt flavor is first on the tongue, with a subtle hoppy
background to help balance it. Some toasted flavor characters, also. The beer is slick and smooth in mouth, with a crisp and light finish. The bitterness from the hops disappears once the beer clears your mouth, and you are left with a balance of sweet and sour on the aftertaste, which is extremely pleasant. This is one easy brew to consume. Goes well with anything from grilled meat dinners to pizza.  Lower ABV allows you to drink a few while watching Track and Field, which is good because NBC throws so many goddamn commercials and delays in the mix that it takes 4 hours to complete 4 separate 12-second heats.  Asshats.  Anyway, with this Gold medal I now present three beers from London very worth of accompanying the tail end of these Summer games!

Olympics give us a fun reason to drink theme styled brews, and theme-drinking can be as easy as geographical similarities, or as deep as including all beers with a shared ingredient.  Whatever the reason, or the theme, it makes it fun and changes things up a bit to keep your beer drinking adventurous and new.  Hail to the Olympians, and as always, drink educated my friends!


And just in case you couldn’t find the dive…



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