New Pope, time for a #beer….

This guy stole Bob Barker’s microphone!

So there was some big to-do today about the big man with the tall hat.  What’s more amazing is that this dude is replacing the first pope to retire in OVER 500 YEARS…and no one is really digging into that?  Seriously, these guys die on the throne (not literally, that would be way too hilarious), and everyone just blows over the retirement and the record short 2 day election (or whatever the process is) to pick the new guy?  American Idol takes months to pick out some no talent ass-clown to have a solid future in benders and rehab, and the heads of the god patrol pick their new leader in 48 hours.  Amazing.  Some smoke came out of a chimney (imagine that), and now someone else is in charge of covering up molestation stories, committing tax fraud/evasion, and continuing a strong homophobic mantra.  I don’t know why the change is so esteemed…nothing is really changing past the scalp holding up that rolled newspaper hat.  Any who, what better beer to “celebrate” the new big operator of the Vatican than Big Operator from Big Boss Brewing?

Big Boss Brewing Company ( hails from Raleigh, NC, and was started in 2006.  Their mission statement, from their website, reads as follows: “At Big Boss, we brew real beer.  Beer for people who appreciate the fact that while different styles of beer taste, well, different, a well-made beer always satisfies.  Big Boss is designed to be appreciated, but crafted to be enjoyed.  It’s a beer drinker’s ‘house brand’ – always satisfying.  Enjoy a pint when you’re out, and keep a few in the fridge.”  Words that play my heart-strings, that is for sure.  We are fortunate enough to have some great friends that live in North Carolina…family, really…and at one particular get together they hoisted a growler of Big Boss Big Operator, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale weighing in at 8.0% ABV.

Big indeed!

I had the beer in a pint glass, and it poured a jet black coloring with brown highlights and no head. The aroma was bitter coffee and fruity sweet, smoked malts. The beer’s flavor was heavy on bitter coffee, with very light undertones of raspberry ribboning throughout. A creamy body, but slightly dry at the same time. Very layered and dynamic throughout the drink. There is a fruit-sweet, malty aftertaste, again with a hint of raspberry. Smooth, subtle, slow transition finish, starting with the bitter and sweet fruit and quickly, but quietly, trailing off to nothing. Very, very tasty. Would make a good ice cream float, too, I’m willing to bet.  Either way, worth getting your hands on this one, if you can.  Cue the music…

I poke a lot of fun at religion, but I poke a lot of fun at most staunch, outdated institutions.  I mean, look at all the barbs I throw in Anheuser-Busch’s direction.  Bottom line, I don’t really care about people’s affiliations in matters of religion, politics, etc.  I care about craft beer, and it’s because of this care that I attempt to tie in with current culture and news the greatness that is the craft beer movement, to show some sort of twisted parallel, and perhaps win some people over to the side of taste and quality.  No matter the means, winning “beer drinkers” over to the good side is worth any amount of effort.  Whatever the reason some may need to celebrate any given day, drink educated my friends!


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