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#Beer world, prepare to be Chuck Norris’d…

Posted in Beer Reviews with tags , , , , , , on 07/18/2013 by beerbygarth

Yeah, this is happening…

I’m not going to bombard you with a litany of Chuck Norris jokes, no matter how hilarious.  Just assume automatically that they are all implied, in their entirety, and this allows you the freedom to insert your own favorites here and there.  Look, now we’re interactive.  How progressive!

I love spicy anything…to the point of self-harm.  When we lived in Portland (West Coast) we made a trip to a restaurant named Salvador Molly’s for the sole purpose of eating their Habanero Fritters because we saw them on Man Vs Food.  Two bites and my goddamn eyebrows were sweating, but they were delicious!  Point being, any kind of spice intrigues me greatly.  That being said, as I have gotten older, I have also come to appreciate the ability to balance said heat, rather than having ball melting inferno-ness completely on its own.  I see spicy beer, I am very interested.

Poured from a bottle into a tumbler pint, the beer pours a beautiful, rich, dark brown to black coloring that is just about opaque. A tall, frothy, dense, creamy, chocolate-brown colored head sits atop at about an inch and a half, and slowly settles into a firm, filmy surface coating that clings to everything it touches. Aromas of rich, creamy chocolate in the backbone, with a subtle, overlaying highlight of smoky and slightly spicy chipotle peppers. Smells pretty damn good, and well-balanced, too.  Something many spiced beers fall short of accomplishing, especially when heat-centric spices are involved.  Flavors of coffee and cream first, with a charred and spicy pepper profile following immediately. The pepper characteristics build rapidly as you drink, with a slowly cumulative heat. Oaky and earthy undertones throughout, which help give some layering to the brew. Spiced and peppery aftertaste, with a bittersweet chocolate backbone to it. Mid-bodied and fairly dry throughout, with a spicy, semisweet, thin finish that has a spicy linger to it. More so the more you drink.  This brew is definitely geared towards those heat inclined in regards to their palates, but is not so overbearing that it can’t be enjoyed by just about anyone.  Also, it was made for pairing with the spicy Mexican fare, in particular dishes made with the beauty that is the chipotle pepper.

So, maybe next Cinco de Mayo you quit being the typical gringo douche that loads up on Corona and picks up something with a little more substance and bite.  I mean, technically, it’s not from Mexico, but let’s not get too picky, eh?  If spice isn’t your thing, maybe don’t try this one, but hopefully this helps some folks realize that other interests and tastes (literally) can be found in the world of beer.  Fruit, hot peppers, wood, wine, etc…all characteristics that can be found in the craft beer world.  So get out there and fly your taste flag proudly…and as always, drink educated my friends!